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Brad has been involved in music from the age of 8. He sang and played music all through his school years, and in High School, played trumpet in every available group and at every opportunity. He got into music theory in a big way and began arranging jazz pieces at 16 years of age. He picked up the guitar at age 13, caught “rock ‘n’ roll fever” and was usually playing or singing in one band or another.

He joined the US Navy in 1977, and went to work in the computer industry in 1982, where he spent the next 25 years of his life working “real jobs”. But he never lost his love for playing, singing, and making music.

In 2000, after studying voice for several years, Brad decided to begin teaching voice himself, and was mentored in that by his voice teacher, who had been a long-time Seth Riggs associate. For the next 15 years, Brad taught voice first as a part-time gig after work, then as his client load increased, as a full-time teacher.

While attending a large non-denominational church in Southern California, Brad got involved in the choir, then joined an a cappella group singing jazz arrangements of gospel and praise songs. Arranging vocal pieces for the group soon followed. Then, while still part of the a cappella group, Brad was invited to be part of the church worship band and served as a front line singer for the next 6 years.

In 2004, Brad accepted a position as the Minister of Creative Arts at a small church in Riverside, CA. He was responsible for the music, video, sound, lighting, choir, drama, and art. The church had no band, no video, and patched-together sound and lighting systems. Using all the lights at once would blow out the fuses in the dimmers. And they picked up a local radio station through the sound system! Brad remembers, “we could hold band practice and share the sound system with the LA Dodger game!” But it all got cleaned up and before long they had one of the tightest small church bands around.

Brad took on Minster of Music responsibilities at another non-denominational church in 2009 where he stayed until moving to Michigan in 2014.

In 2013, Brad released his first CD of original songs. The CD is titled “The Works of Our God” and is a musical journey through the amazing works of God. It’s a bit eclectic stylistically, running the gamut from a classic rock vibe, to acoustic folk, to jazz.

Brad has been very active in live theater for the past 20+ years. Brad performed in his first theatrical production in 1993, and really caught the acting bug. He studied acting in 1996 – 1997 with a local teacher/director who was also a Yale Drama graduate. He also studied with Broadway veteran, Karen Morrow. Brad worked his way up and became an in-demand lead actor, winning several acting awards for his portrayals of C.S. Lewis in “Shadowlands,” as Lt.(jg) Douglas Roberts in “Mister Roberts,” as Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables,” and other productions.

As John Robinson in “Swiss Family Robinson”

It was inevitable that Brad would get involved in the music of the theater, and he did in a big way, serving a musical director and vocal director for a number of original

musicals. He also had the opportunity to orchestrate add original composition to several musical productions in Southern CA, including “Jane Eyre,” “Emilia Earhart,” “Sleepy Hollow,” and “Lewis and Clark,” among others.

Today Brad is a full-time composer and orchestrator. Brad has written many more pieces, and composed several new pieces for film and television projects. He specializes in orchestral and hybrid orchestral pieces, but also composes jazz and jazz orchestral music. He is looking forward to lots of work in the film, TV, video, and gaming industries. Check out Brad’s music on his MUSIC page.

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