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“Notes from the Heart” is kind of a catch-all title I use for my Newsletter, Blog, and other communications. It just says that whatever The Lord leads me to write about comes straight from my heart. No agendas. No hidden meanings. No double-talk. Just straight talk that you may agree with, or not agree with, but whatever your opinion may be, you know that I mean it, and I’m not writing stuff just to create a stir, or push an agenda. I just hope that what comes through is truly of God, and not of me!

Music is an Amazing Thing!

Music has been used from time immemorable to convey emotion, send a message, invoke a response, incite a people to revolution or revival, and to bring people into the very presense of God.

Those of us who are blessed with the ability to create art or to teach others to do so, owe a debt of gratitude to our Creator for that special gift. We also have an obligation to share that gift with the world in such as way as to bring joy, happiness, change, revival, blessing, peace, and harmony to a world desperately in need of them.

That’s what this website, and the ministry God has entrusted me with, are about. I pray you are blessed by what you see and hear.


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